IT Info 2 Go aims at presenting complex IT facts in an amusing, sometimes satirical way. English-language examples can be found by going to the main page and looking for articles in the “English” category. Or you can also simply select the “English” tag in the tag cloud. My favorite examples:


Some Background:

As an IT journalist, I have been covering the IT market since 1999, from 2001 for German networking trade publication LANline. I went freelance in 2009, running my own editorial office ever since. It’s named Mitteilerei, a German pun that doesn’t translate well into English, meaning something like, “a little shop that creates messages”. I’m also the author of a satire collection “Was Sie schon immer über das böse Internet wissen wollten, aber nie zu fragen wagten” (“Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Bad Internet but Were Afraid to Ask”, published by ITP Verlag, currently out of stock). With IT Info 2 Go, I aim at combining information and amusement – an approach I like to call “communitainment”.

IT Info 2 Go is designed to offer useful IT infos in a short, easily consumed form, while entertaining the reader. So to stop people from hyperventilating and sending me angry e-mails, here’s a hint: Warning, may contain satire! And nuts. Seems like practically everything may contain nuts.

About the Illustrations Used Here:

For years, I have enthusiastically collaborated with freelance artist Wolfgang Traub in our communitainment projects. He works from his gallery, Atelier Wolfgang Traub (, and operates the animated film studio Animatz ( I own the copyright for all texts published on this site, Wolfgang Traub owns the copyright for all cartoons used here.